Thursday, March 31, 2011

I won't drop a bunch of links today. I want to give a list of things for you to research yourself.

1. The Federal Constitution Article I, Sections 5 &10.
2. The Wizard of Oz allegory find it read it.
3. Lewis vs. US, case #80-5905, 9th Circuit, June 24, 1982
4. First National Bank of Montgomery VS. Jerome Daly, Credit River Township
5. a Corporate search engine; the following:
6. Whitehouse, United States Congress, Supreme Court of Untied States, IRS
7. Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913.
8. The United States Government does not pay the Secretary of the Treasury.
9. Title 26-27 United States Code.
10. The Trading With the Enemy Act, Title 12, §95(a) and §95(b)

Research and know.

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